Sailing Inconceivable – #5: The Transit – Sailing Through New York City

We did it! Took little sailing vessel Inconceivable from City Island to Brooklyn. The trip took about six and a half hours to cover just under 40nm, averaging 5.5knots! that’s pretty good, until you consider that most of that speed was because we rode the ebb out to sea the whole way, including the East River, were the current topped out at 4.4 knots at its peak! WOOHOO!!

Here’s a look at our track:

Sailing Inconceivable’s Spring Transit Track

What an amazing journey. Not far, as cruising sails go, but, location location location, baby!!! Under those amazing NYC bridges, past instantly recognizable landmarks, and a pretty cool East River surprise – watch the vid, no spoilers here.

For those interested in examining the area closer, you can find them at NOAA’s chart page. You are looking for chart numbers 12327, 12339, and 12366.

So, enough chit chat.. Please, enjoy the latest installment of Sailing Inconceivable:

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