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We are attempting to revive a little time worn sailboat named Inconceivable. Her hull is solid, rig is in good shape… She was sailing the day we bought her. But, we still have a long to-do list: Painting, varnishing, wiring, plumbing, installing, replacing, building, repairing, maintaining… Like I said, long list. Please, join us, while we check items off, one by one.

However, it will not be all work and no play. Like I said, she is ready to sail now. And, as we fix her up, we will adventure further and further out.  For more, and to keep an eye on our progress, do all the likes, follows, and sharing of the social things…

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About S/V Inconceivable

Inconceivable is a 1971 C&C Corvette 31, hull #138

Her systems are minimal: No shore power, no water storage. We make way without any electronics beyond a VHF radio. Her jib is hanked on. No lines run to the cockpit. And, she is lightly powered by a 16hp Universal diesel.

Her amenities are modest: Built in head, stereo, alcohol stove.

Her issues, while not urgent, are many: deck paint peeling, brightwork faded, port lights foggy.

This is a project boat. And, we love it!

For the 2016 season, we kept her on City Island, The Bronx. City Island, if you have never been, is one of the last truly maritime neighborhoods in New York City… Lots of marinas full of boaty people. Multiple chandleries. Great seafood. The folks are friendly. We really love it. Check it out.

This year, we moved to Gateway Marina, Brooklyn. We can spend a weekend on Inconceivable, and a short bike ride gets us to Sebago Canoe Club, Rockaway Beach, or a bite of seafood in Sheepshead Bay. We love this location… Our neighbors are wonderful – We have already made good friends.

C&C Corvette 31

About the Crew

Lynn is a biologist/artist. Hans is a musician/carpenter. Max is a dog/dragon. Together, they sail Inconceivable around New York City, with dreams beyond.

Securing the mainsail below a glowing sky